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Spikeletz Mini Journals

NEW! Spikeletz Mini Journals
Our new Mini Journals feature the same number of pages as our large journal, but now come in a new handy size. Sold individually and in packs. 224 pages, alternating lined and blank. (4.25 x 5.75 x 0.8 in)


Award Winning Spikeletz Penz

Award Winning Spikeletz Penz
"I can't keep these pens in stock!" John Flanagan, Learning Express, Algonquin, IL


Award Winning Spikeletz Bracelets & Earrings

“I just can’t keep these things in stock!” Optari Spikeletz dealer, Austin, Texas.
Our bestselling product, Spikeletz bracelets and earrings come on hang cards in assorted packs for display on our counter spinner below. To get started, just buy the display package, which includes one set of each bracelet and earring series. To refill, just buy one refill pack of bracelets per side of the display or two packs of earrings. Easy!


Sol Totes

Sol Totes
"These are fabulous! I can't keep them in stock. I just brought them in and have already reordered 3 times!" Hana, Wayne, NJ


Award Winning Crossbodies

"A celeb favorite . . ." Pamela Brill, giftsanddec.com


Award Winning Backpacks

Winner of the Product of the Year Award (Creative Child Magazine)
"Why settle for a plain black backpack, when you can have the Optari backpack? What sets the Optari backpack apart from other competitors are the Mini Fobbz charms, which allow you to accessorize and make the backpack your own." SI Parent
Product of the Year Award (Backpacks), Creative Child Magazine


Fobbz Charms (Fit all Optari bags)

Fobbz Charms
These large flexible charms (avg 4 in) feature a rivet on the back that plugs into the holes on all of our bags.


Mini Fobbz Charms (Fit all Optari Products)

Mini Fobbz Charms
These small charms (avg 2 in) have a rivet on the back that fit all of our bags. Most stores buy 25% more charms than bags, as many consumers buy more than one charm per bag.


Bling Fobbz (Fit all Optari Products)

Bling Fobbz
Customers love blinging their Optari bags with our Bling Fobbz. Each card features 9 pieces of clear bling with a rivet on the back that plugs into the holes on all of our bags.


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